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Beatrice Donda


Born in Trieste, on the border between Italy and Slovenia, she carries Italian, American and Austrian blood. Before the pandemic Shanghai was the place she used to call home, now she lives between London and Tuscany, halfway between one of the most frenetic cities, full of life and stimuli and the Italian countryside surrounded by nature, with moments of infinite silence, scents and traditions. Two places that in different ways deeply inspire her projects.


Beatrice's means of communication has always been food. Her life has always revolved around it almost like an obsession since childhood. It is an element that has always distinguished the artist, through which she has always felt the need to express herself and the means through which she now realises her art.


Her projects have the intent to express her inner world through edible elements. To bring her thoughts, her ideas, her reflections on the outside world, not only making them visible to others but also assimilable, digestible, almost like a medicine.

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bread and butter

butter candles slowly melt on bread in a religious dance

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